Beginner struggling to import midi drum patterns

This is only my third day with Beatmaker, so excuse me if this is a dumb question.

I purchased the 808 Science pack. Load up a drum kit. Then when I attempt to import one of the midi patterns from the pack I’m asked to transpose. The default is no transpose. At this stage I’ve no wish and no idea how to do anything else. When I import the pattern starts at sample 37 way above the loaded samples.

What’s going on here? Is there a tutorial to help me get started with this?


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    Hey @billbennettnz

    welcome to the forum, and sorry for the slow reply - I’ve been away a few days.

    Most purchased banks in BM3 contain midi patterns, but usually these are stored within the banks themselves, and have already been mapped correctly to the pads/sound within by the bank’s creator (for example, the snare might be on pad2, or it might be on pad 3 depending on how the bank is setup).

    In addition to these pre-installed patterns, 808 science (which I also own) includes a sub-folder containing all of the original midi files, but if you import these ones into your project you will need to manually ‘re-map’ the midi lanes to match your current arrangement of pads.

    Here is a very quick video demonstrating how to load and access the midi patterns that are pre-loaded into the banks, and then an example of how you can ‘import’ one of the generic midi patterns, and then ‘re-map’ the sounds as you choose.

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