Issues importing percussion from korg gadget 2

Hello, I’m really struggling trying to import certain instruments from gadget 2. I can import synths just fine, however if I try to import a drum machine and assign it to the pads I will loose audio. I’ve followed step by step tutorials and am able to load certain instruments fine. However, anything percussion based fails and makes it so I need to restart to have audio.
I’m using and iPad Pro 2018 with 13.6.

At this point I’m getting ready to give up. Any help would be appreciated!


  • My tip for getting Gadget drums into BM3 is to load Gadget as an IAA plugin, then record all of the individual drum sounds to WAV inside BM3 and slice them onto your pads.

    Alternatively, if you've already created drum patterns inside Gadget, you can record them in BM3 as loops

  • What are your midi settings on the drum machine inside Gadget?

    Also remembering something i saw a while back about having to copy and paste each instance of gadget to each pad inside BM3 [?] .. but i guess it depends on how you are doing it.

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