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I always randomize velocity, note start (and adjust note length) in the BM3 piano roll for loaded is / auv3 synths manually. Very tedious and time consuming. I found midiflow randomizer that works with AB3, but can figure out how to get it into the signal flow to randomize notes on my BM3 piano roll. Any ideas?


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    I have two favourite techniques for humanizing the velocities of midi notes in bm3:

    1. turn on y-velocity mode for BM3's drum pads so that tapping the top of the pad plays high velocities, and tapping the bottom of the pad triggers low velocities. You will find that the natural movement of your fingers whilst finger drumming will add a nice degree of humanised velocity input (especially on hihats)
    2. Load Audioveek's Midi Curve plugin onto each pad so that I can set a fixed velocity for that particular pad, then dial-in a chosen amount of random velocity.


  • Thank you tk32, the reason I found the midiflow randomizer is that it also affects note start point to your predetermined degree. I could record unquantized, but I don’t trust my timing yet and it would likely be too random/off grid. FL Studio has a velocity/timing randomizer and the midi flow randomized seems to be the same. Just can’t figure out how to plug it into the signal flow. Is there a solution to randomize note start in micro increments like midiflow/fl studio does?

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    @king_picadillo - Midiflow Randomizer is an Audiobus plug-in. You can’t make use of it directly in BM3.

    There is a plugin called Mozaic that lets people create their own Midi plugins. There are dozens of plugins that people have created for it, and several of these are randomizers / humanizers of one type or another. None have the exact same controls as Midiflow Randomizer, but several cover parts, or way more, than it does.

    A quick scan of the list on this page:[]=mozaic should give you a good idea if there are potential scripts you could use. If so, then you may want to consider getting it to take advantage of these scripts.

    However, keep in mind that this will alter what is in your patterns real-time. It won’t modify the patterns themselves. Also, unfortunately, BM3 doesn’t record the output from AUv3 plugins unless you resort to workarounds by sending the midi out, then back in to BM3.

  • Thorough info Number 37, thanx. Would midiflow randomizer somehow work if I use it through ab3 into BM3? Is there a routing option that could work? Mosaic sounds intimidating, I’m totally unfamiliar with coding even at a novice level.

  • Another option if you have Audiobus is to send the midi out of BM3 to Audiobus, through MidiFlow Adapter, and then back into another bank or pad from Audiobus.

    1. Start Audiobus, and on the midi page, put Audiobus Virtual Midi in the input position, Midiflow Randomizer in the Fx position, and Audiobus Virtual midi in the output position.
    2. Set the bank that has your pattern to output midi to Audiobus.
    3. Set up another bank that has Audiobus as the midi input.
  • Holy crap, you and tk32 are clearly whizzes at this game. Based on your last explanation it seems that I would be doing just as much work, in a different way, to set up midi flow as I’m doing manually shifting midi notes here and there. I try to do it on all my synth and drum banks so all that routing would be crazy. If mozaic has prewritten scripts for an effect like midi flow randomizer, since it is au, would it just be as simple as laying some chords in a bank with an AU synth and then adding mozaic as a midi au effect to move the notes a bit and randomize their velocity or are you saying that that won’t even work based on how BM3 treats midi? Even if I could record/freeze/export the randomization to audio by resampling to a different pad or to an audio track, that would work too. Is that possible?

  • Never mind, AtomicAfro on this very forum made 2 patches for Mozaic that do exactly what I’m trying to do, patch is call Jay Meter and Jay Meter: Velocity. Thanks to both you and tk for taking the time.

  • No problem.

    Mozaic is great indeed - but it's usually not the first thing I recommend for new BM3 users :)

    Another solution is the midi plugin Cality by Pagefall

  • Downloaded it and the 2 patches and this old head got things working by just fiddling with knobs. Going to read Atomic Afro’s tutorial now. His production style is exactly up my alley so I’m going to pick his brain. Thanks for everything.

  • Another simple Mozaic script that has velocity and timing randomization is Ranbo Multi Channel Note Humanizer.

    One that has note randomization only is AU Hazard. A more fully featured (and complicated) approach to the same idea is Random!.

    To go back to one of your earlier questions that I think you have already answered yourself: These will all work with BM3. It's only if you want to record the resulting humanized output to patterns that you have to resort to workarounds.

  • Sick! I downloaded ranbo and random. Will try to figure out which one is easiest out of those and Jaymeter to achieve my goal. I make Boombap and hip hop mainly so I know my needs are really simple, not a lot of complicated stuff needed, just a little shuffle in velocity and timing to give it that basement feel. I don’t want to learn another DAW but I may have to because BM3 doesn’t record AU keyboard signals (not sure if that’s the right way to say it). Today I was adding GeoShred guitars to a beat but I have to record to audio in BM3 because midi won’t record from GeoShred UI. Mad tedious because you have to get a perfect recording. Outside of that, BM3 has been good, trying to convince myself I don’t need the new sEGments sampler just for the BPM/Key Detect and Lazy Chop ;)

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    @king_picadillo - You can load the IAA version of GeoShred instead and then should be able to record from it. I know it's not as nice as using the AU right in BM3 though. Not being able to record AU midi with BM3 is a real PITA, I know. :|

    I wish the developer would break radio silence just briefly and give us at least a vague indication where the product is headed. Oh well. I just assume it's going nowhere and make the best of what is there.

  • Very cool, didn’t know IAA would record, should work just fine especially since I either use the guitar as my main sound first or last after I’ve bounced all my synths to audio.

    I broke down and bought Toneboosters EQ cuz it’s sick. I have the 4pockets visual but it doesn’t play nice in BM3 and I bough Segments for the key and bpm detect, so far it was way off on both fronts on a sample I dug up from YT. It’s was like 50 bpm off and detected wrong key. Was hoping it was going to be like serato sample for iOS but so far not impressed. Also can’t type in bpm if you know it AND if you stretch the sample it mangled the sound even if you engage warp. BM3 sampler is superior in that regard.

  • The Toneboosters plugins are incredible. You won't ever regret buying one of those.

    (I have them all)

  • I have Reel Bus, VCF Filter and the EQ. Reel bus is ill. Either of you use TF8 synth? It’s IAA and I can’t get it to make sounds loading it the same way I load all other IAA synths. Pads nor keyboard will produce sound. When I route midi on the load page, seems no matter how, I get terrible feedback and stuck notes. Any ideas?

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