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What up y’all? Was hoping for a little help on a debate question and I’m not near my iPad to test. Will midi latch (midi tools) extend a sample to the length you paint the midi in the piano roll? I don’t mean extend indefinitely, just a bit. Lets say you have a vinyl piano chord that is 3/4 of a bar long and you want it to span the full bar. I know you can use sample loop in BM3 or add delay to make the sample longer, but I was curious if midi latch will do this. I’ve seen it done in ableton where you can stretch a specific part of the sample like the tail (not time stretching the whole thing) by literally highlighting and pulling/stretching a portion of the sample (like taffy for the visual learners). Thanks in advance and again sorry if this is a silly question.


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    Short answer: Yes

    Latched pads containing audio samples* will continue to play until one of three things happens...

    1. You tap the same note again (to end the latch)
    2. The sample reaches its end and there is no loop enabled. (If you have loop enabled, it continues indefinitely).
    3. Another pad is triggered that shares a choke group with the first pad, effectively cancelling the first note. (nb- this effect is similar to what happens when closed hihats cancel the sound of an open hihat)

    *Latched pads with plugins/synths loaded behave similarly, but point #2 above doesn't apply, and it depends instead on the envelopes and settings in the plugin to determine how long a note sustains if you latch it.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks TK, just to clarify, with no loop enabled a 3/4 bar length sample will play for 1 full bar if latched and midi note is drawn in as a full bar?

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    if the sample is 3/4 bar, it will stop at 3/4 bar.

    Latch mode doesn't have any magical powers.

    You'll have to either timetretch it, tune it down, enable a loop, or increase the project tempo to make it fill the entire bar

  • Thanks again, makes sense. Lost a bet, but gained wisdom.

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