Saving / loading projects issue

Hi! Sorry if this was posted before. The case is: i banged out two Beats on bm3. When I try to load up the Projects there are samples missing. It says: „ samples couldn‘t be found.Do you want beatmaker 3 to locate them?“ when I Click on „search the whole bm3 Directory“ the samples are still missing!I‘ve been working on those joints for hours and it really pisses me of that all the work was in vein...does anyone have an idea what the Problem could be?


  • I'd blame the currently somewhat f'ked-up session & file management.

    Did you by any chance delete any of those dreaded 'Unsaved Sessions' folders or quit BM3 and return to work on the project?

    Hopefully the rumored update irons out some of these issues but I know nothing....

  • thanks for the response! I don't think I've erased anything... if it's a bug, they really need to fix it! the whole issue made me want to quit using the app.. not really worth paying 30 bucks..

  • same here. last year I made a lot of beats in bm3 and I can’t load them anymore (app crashes/ instant closes). Also had the sample missing bug when bm3 was able to load the projects.
    That whole bm3 thing was just a waste of time, money and energy and no updates/bugfixes since then. If you want to stay happy get another app or mpc👍

  • The Intua dev team are well aware that the unsaved sessions folder system can cause missing samples if users are not extra careful, and it is likely this feature will be greatly improved in the near future.

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