Sutain Pedal, Pitch bend & Mod Wheel works only in CH1. RESOLVED!!!

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Hello people of the world. I hope all of you are very well

My case is:
I have 2 MIDI controllers (Axiom 61 first Gen & Akai MPK 2 mini) connected to Beatmaker 3 to control some plug-in synths like mini moog and Syntronik.

Problem: All keys on both controllers work fine on all 16 channels, but "pitch bend", "modulation", and "sustain pedal" works only through channel 1 on both controllers (Axiom & AKAI).
This only happens within beatmaker 3. If I open any of those plug-in apps or other apps in stand-alone mode, all the controls (including those 3) works fine across all 16 channels.

Has anyone noticed?
Will this be a bug inside beatmaker?
it can be fixed?

Thank you so much for your help!


  • does anyone have this problem?

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    In Settings, turn on MIDI OMNI ('Route All MIDI to Selected Pad').
    If enabling MIDI OMNI is not ideal for your setup, then load the plugin to the Pad that corresponds to the incoming MIDI Channel.
    And as usual, make sure you are in KEYS MODE for melodic instruments.

  • Hey! Sequencer1 Thank you so much for your help!!!
    I just saw your comment a couple of minutes ago and I just set up exactly what you told me and ...
    IT WORKED!!! Finally!!
    I did the first option (MIDI OMNI) and I think I am very satisfied with that.
    Thank you so so so much!!!!

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