Akai MPK Mini Mk 3 Keyboard Velocity


I've just started using BM3 and am really liking it. Only problem I have is that my MPK keyboard's velocity seems low, I have to play really hard to get a decent sound. Might just be me :-) but it doesn't do it when I load AUV's in, they generally play fine. I've altered the pad default in preferences to 6db to boost it and have put the gain up on that track - but it still feels odd. Does anyone know a workround? Cheers Andy


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    I often finetune the velocity curves of my Korg midi controllers so that I can get louder notes without having to press so hard, so I would suggest seeing if you can do that for your MPK via the Akai Editor desktop app.

    If you find your controller does not have adjustable velocity response curves, then you can also do it inside BM3 using the MIDI Curve midi plugin by Audioveek.

  • Hi tk32

    Checked out the Akai Editor and no option there, but I forgot about Midi Curve. I had that as I used the keyboard splitter version a lot, good visual display than AUM. That worked great bags of volume now!! :-) Cheers Andy

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