Reordering banks has obvious bugs, and may have corrupted my template !

Reordering banks is screwy. Buggy. Broken.

Pretty sure it corrupted my template-in-progress, which now crashes or immobilizes BM3, latest version. Lost much work and time. The first sign was repeatedly seeing the last-selected bank move rather than the current bank when I attempted to reorder banks in the mixer view.

And now as I reconstruct the template from scratch, my reorderings aren't respected: Each time I reopen the file, my importantly-ordered banks are now quite out of order! Am I missing something?? I suspect the bank reordering feature is not ready for release; it is certainly broken for me :(

After hours of work, I have to give up on my template which requires banks to be in certain order. I've already rebuilt it too many times and am losing trust in the app. The corrupt file was incredibly sluggish (perhaps a minute to change screens!) but I waited again and again trying to troubleshoot and not lose work — but I did anyhows. Now I can't move forward with my project without risking additional loss of work and time.

If this feature isn't fixed in the next update, hopefully soon, I'll be forced to look at other options. Sadly BM3 — an otherwise amazing app — has crashed and burned far too many times for me.



  • Corrupt projects are thankfully very rare (I’ve not had one in 3+ years’ use) but it’s a total pain the ass when it happens, so you have my sympathies.

    My advice would be to send a copy of the corrupted project to, or via their helpdesk at

    I’m hoping that if the developer has a look inside the project file, they might discover how things went wrong and fix the bug in the next update.

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