New two iPad production but not mobile production

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I had experience sum glitches where the app crashed not once but more than 1once. Wanna do screenshots not sure how on iPad. And not sure if how I was using other apps as audio units.

I have a long list of a.u’s idk if I gotta make a review for those apps two not glitch as well.


  • IDousyn : works, after I load the app. Adjust the sound and settings of its app. But since i.p.p. Opening instead a.u’s it does not respond or recognize my adjustments. No sound from IDousyn. Inside beatmaker 3

  • iPad 14.2

  • Digital 1 just crashed on my iPad after I accepted the new expansion they gave.

  • Model d gave a lot of interference before I selected any sounds 2 sounds in my production. And I stopped with the next pad. Not sure.

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    Hello @derrti . Yeah certain plug-in apps can cause BM3 to crash more than others. Model D and D1 have been known to cause issues as they are quite CPU heavy. There might be a list of plug-ins that aren't working well with BM3 on the AudioBus forum.

    And to take a screenshot on the iPad you press the power button and home button at the same time.

  • Thanx. What my person gathered from bittergums is may need two seek cpu boost apps any recommendations?

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