Auv3 not working properly

I have an iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 and an iPad mini newest edition and iOS 14.3. In the past I used BeatMaker 3 and my auv3 plugin Noise app from roll with no issues. Now when I load the plug-in, whatever sound it’s currently on plays, but I cannot switch to any other sound. I made a video to demonstrate.


  • Hey @dabluezpreacher On the little strip above the keyboard, on the far left there's a button that says 'Show Nav Bar', press that and it will open the Nav Bar on the left. Then just go to any other view that's not the one you're in (currently the Sampler view) i.e. click the Scene View, it'll bring you back to your tracks window then click back into the Sampler view again, you'll see the Roli Noise icon again, press it and it'll bring you back into where you started with the keyboard but this time you'll be able to change to different packs.

    Just Beatmaker's little way of checking to say if you're awake i guess.

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