iFretleess Bass is not recording.... WHAT DO I DO

I love this app and I have this really good bass roll and when I hit record on ifretless bass whIle using it as a Unit V3 and I also tried using it as an IAA, it is not record unless I touch the keyboard and the keyboard has everything in a choke group and sounds like shit when you try to play.

What do I do? Why is it not recording on BM3 but works on Garage band


  • @taytrellz Hmm, At first it sounds like the Velocity On could be affecting it. You could try turning that off.
    OR in the Sampler View, under the smaller version of the Pad Bank where it says Channel | Samples under that you can select Choke Group to NONE ...but I'm not sure that affects Plug Ins.
    Also, try hitting Show AU Knobs to see if you can adjust some of the Plug In's parameters.

  • BeatMaker doesn’t support recording by playing via internal UI of Auv3 — IMO
    Same problem here ;-))

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