Crash after update to BM 3.0.14

The App doen not start up anymore....Anyone has this bug too!?
It is a tregedy for me i have a lot ok work build on it and in middle of fault to update, i’m not the “ last update-guy “ at all
I’m on Ipad A1822 iOS 11.1


  • Have you tried a complete restart of your iPad?

  • @hansjbs said:
    Have you tried a complete restart of your iPad?

    Yes of course!

  • It is not possible to came back to prevoius version of BM!?
    It was working flawless:(

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    Hmm. If you've already tried a full restart, the next option is to backup your projects and samples (via Files app) then uninstall and reinstall bm3.

    After reinstalling you can copy your project and sample folders back and everything should be fine.

    I must say, to anyone reading this, that this situation is extremely rare, and I've only encountered about 2 people having this issue (not able to launch bm3) in 3 years.

  • Happened to me , I had everything I needed backed up. I was on iOS 12.3 I think, and on iPad Air 2. And I just deleted bm3 and reinstalled but it still wouldn’t open, I then updated to iOS 14 which I didn’t want to do. My battery has been draining rapidly now. It seemed to get better with the next update.... this is all from memory, I thought I detailed it here somewhere which I don’t frequently do but obviously it was pretty major. I know Intua can’t be expected to actor to every iPad and so and such but damn that was not nice. That said, it sure has been fresh to have a fresh start. I left most my samples and work back in 2020 so far.

  • thanks to everyboby for the help...i'm in the middle of the Apple restoring madness because my iOS 12 trying update fault..
    i think i'm forced to update to iOS 14

  • My humble suggestion is to avoid updates of anything until you have confirmed it is safe from someone here or wherever. This is what I have. And it works as stable as it ever has. Make regular saves, back up your major data. IF you add a new template or make a new sample bank, save that shit under your pillow, and a second copy in the cloud off site.

    Bm3.0.15 / ios 14.3 (Ipad8)
    BM3.0.12 / ios 10.3.3 ( ipad4 retina)
    BM3.0.15/ ios 14.3 ( ipad air 2)

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