Relative MIDI encoders using NPRN inc/dec from AKAI MPD32 (or similar) in BM3 with Mozaic.

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This is the super simplistic Mozaic script that makes the NPRN relative MIDI info sent by my AKAI MPD32 work with BM3s brand new relative MIDI implementation.

  if MIDIByte3 = 0x1
    if MIDIByte2 = 0x60
      SendMIDIOut 0xB5, 0x49, 0x1
    elseif MIDIByte2 = 0x61
      SendMIDIOut 0xB5, 0x49, 07F

BM3 config set RELATIVE TO 0

Only works for the inc/dec commands on NPRN 127 127 (<<-- I don't know what this means in technical terms) and sends specifically to CC73 on channel 6, which is just what the absolute encoder on my other MIDI controller (which worked with BM3 out of the box) displayed in the midi monitor and I copypasted.

Anyone feel free to take this and expand on it to generalise, expand on or otherwise package nicely for others. I don't really make general usage scripts for Mozaic (yet) -- just really specific/minimalistic implementations of tasks that I need it to do.



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