Rename banks and or sessions

Hi I’ve had beatmaker 3 for years and find it hard to organise content. I use the files system successfully but not the banks. Some of my banks have been renamed from a session by mistake and I would like to keep the banks and rename them so I can categorise them. Any good way to do this? thanks!


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    Tagging them rather than renaming them is probably the better way to go. Then you can browse and filter by tag across sessions, banks, and samples.

    [edit ... I guess the proper BM3 term is "categories" rather than "tags".]

  • @iklooshar if you open a bank and press the 3 dots to the right of the name, down the list is 'Rename..' or you can do it when you hit "Save Bank'

  • I find a similar issue but banks does seem two work for mi. Because none of the 16 pad 4 bank set up expand beyond “4 banks.”

    But I really wanted two express how tiresome finding a sample is. the files seem to double over and re - file themselves. This is not good.

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