BM3 midi parameter (volume/pan/etc) question.

edited May 2021 in Support

After many hours, I’m still struggling to transition from BM2 to BM3. :D

In BM2 I used to trigger samples from the pads and use midi to control their volume and pan etc. In BM3 I’m able to use some of the midi controls in the “Pattern Midi” section (velocity/mod wheel seems to work), but when I add pan, it doesn’t do anything. I end up using the track automations in the song view for it. What am I doing wrong? There are many midi parameter options to choose from in the Pattern Midi section (I mainly try the first one: pan cc #10), maybe I’m choosing the wrong one?

Also, when I try and use Auv3 synths, the midi parameters appear to do nothing. Changing the velocity/volume or pan midi values has no effect. I have to use the Track Automations for everything. Is this standard for auv3?

Thank you! :)

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