Arbiet - Album in a month

edited April 2009 in BeatMakers Showcase
Arbiet was my RPM album in a month this year and was completed by March 1.

All the tracks have parts created in Beatmaker. Sometimes I used it for drums or arrangeing the entire backing track. Sometimes just to trigger a sample or two in real time. But it had it's place on all the tracks.

The other sounds on the recording are iphone apps for synths and I overdubbed my voice and vocorder parts in a daw. I also used a Korg DS - 10 for the gameboy. I created it all on the subway durning my commute. Actual recording time on the daw was 3 workday evenings.

I really enjoyed playing more with Beatmaker and it sure sounds great on the tracks. Thanks again Intua for letting me work and perform live with less equipment and more power.
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