BM2 crashing when adjusting dials!

I’m still using BM2 everyday as I’m on my iPhone most of the time. I have found that recently BM2 crashes when any dial is adjusted in the pads section. Regardless if it’s a stock BM2 kit or a custom kit with my own samples it will crash the app if I try and adjust the pad pan dial. This also crashes when I adjust the pads volume, tune, ADSR, etc. Whats interesting is I can change the pads tune by pressing the up and down pads but as soon as the fine tune dial is touched the app crashes.
I’m using iPhone 7 with iOS 14.4. I also check my iPad 6th gen and it also crashes when adjusting dials.
I hope this is an easy fix as I’m still constantly using BM2 and will keep using it until it until BM3 is universal and will run on an iPhone. Or maybe one day BeatMaker 4 will be released to both devices!

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