3rd-party AU Drum machines always default to kick starting at the bottom of the piano roll?

Is there a way or app that will make it so whenever I load a 3rd-party drum machine I can just start entering the kick on the bottom row of the piano roll? I was thinking of just trying LK (don't have it) inside BM3 and using its drum machine templates, but in this setup, it's not possible to render individual drums?


  • That's not really possible. Drum apps use a lot of different note mappings. Some are General MIDI mapped. Some start at a particular note such as C2 and go chromatically up from there. Some have very different mappings, such as Ruismaker that uses the black keys from C#2 by default. Many have no fixed pad that is for each sound, so a kick could be on any pad.

    There are apps such as mfxConvert that can do re-mapping of midi from one note to another, but you have to set up a custom map for each one, and the host has to be able to use AU Midi Plugins.

    Sorry, there is no magic bullet for this.

  • Figured that might be how it is, thanks for chiming in.

  • On way you might want to consider is to sample your AU drum sounds to pads and just play back the sounds that way.

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