2 Features from BM2

edited October 2021 in Feature Requests

2 Features from BM2 that I really liked but is missing in BM3 is being able to choose multiple pads at once, then editing all the selected pads in 1 go. You could select all your hi-hats at once then edit into a choke, group, pan and volume. Now in BM3 you have to select each pad individually then make all the edits 1 pad at a time. Very time consuming and frustrating.
Also, when adjusting midi settings in the piano roll you can only change the settings for 1 sound at a time. Even if you select midi notes from different sounds it will default back to a single sound.
In BM2 you could select any combination of sounds then change the velocity, tune etc. t
This was great for drum editing in the piano roll.
Please bring these functions back!

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