Midi connection dropping

I am on the latest beat maker three and also iOS 15.1. My iPad is about three years old. After upgrading to iOS 15.1, I randomly lose midi connection to my Akai MPK mini MK2. I have to reboot the iPad to reestablish connection. I will be performing live in three weeks and I cannot have this happening while on stage. Do you have any suggestions?


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    Try different cables. Make sure connectors are clean.
    How is it connected? Lightning cable to CCK? USB-C? Hub? How are things powered? Is there an audio or midi interface involved. The more detail you provide about your setup the better chance you'll have to get a good answer.
    Do you lose all connections to all apps? Do you have another host like AUM, Audiobus, Cubasis, etc. that you can try in order to see if it's a general connection problem or specific to BM3? Do you have another device you can try on?
    Make sure Background Audio is set to ON in BM3 settings.
    Try airplane mode.
    Really, you have to reboot? unplugging and replugging doesn't help?

    I suggest you try asking on the AudioBus forum. There's a bigger audience over there.

  • Thanks. Yes. I have to reboot. This has happened 3 times in as many days. Disconnecting and reconnecting did not help. In fact it still showed that my Akai MPK mini 2 was still selected under Midi Port in the banks, etc, and it still showed in settings as connected, but was nit triggering the pads or macro controls. BM3 is the only thing running. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off. Tried different cable. Powered USB hub connected to ipad via cck (usb2 to lightning). Akai MPK mini 2 and Zoom U44 interface ( should have nothing to do with it) are connected to the hub. I’ve toured/travelled using this setup and never an issue. Also after the upgrade to iOS 15.1 I had to remap the macro controls. They were gone.

  • I could try a different usb hub but everything starts working after a reboot so i feel its software related.

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    It’s not clear from your description if this is BM3 specific or due to iOS 15. If you have another DAW to try with, that might help narrow it down.

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    I’ve read a few things suggesting issues with certain hubs and iOS 15. For instance a few salted around in this thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/253172894. Might be totally unrelated.

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