Help with MIDI to split drum pads and keys

I can't figure out Beatmaker's midi mapping. I have a Nektar Impact LX Mini keyboard which has 8 pads & 25 keys. I set the drum pads to midi channel to 10. The keys I set to midi channel 1 (switchable for multiple instruments). I setup two banks in beatmaker A & B. In back A I placed a virtual instrument piano. In bank B I have drum samples. No matter what I do I can not get Bank A (virtual instrument) to play. It ONLY plays when I use the drum pads AND I must have that bank selected.

Basically all I want to do is have all midi channel 1 to go to bank A even if I am on Bank B. And I want all midi channel 10 to go to Bank B no matter what bank is currently selected. Basically all I want to do is play drums with the pads and play a virtual instrument with the keys at the same time. I know it can be done, but I can't seem to figure it out.

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