Importing MIDI file not working

Hey guys,

How are you importing Midi files to your BeatMaker3 tracks? Right now, I have my import folder setup with a mix of audio files and MIDI. I set up a track, assign a plug-in for the sound I want, go to the import folder and attempt to drag the .mid file to the associated track; BM3 then prompts me to import (which I do). Then...nothing. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Note that I am using an iPad Mini 6.



  • Same issue and it’s Oct 2023

  • @jonplife said:
    Same issue and it’s Oct 2023

    Same here on November 07, 2023. Is this really a program bug? If so, then I have to say that Beatmaker would not have bought it. Guys, you can't do that.

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