DRC Synth / recording Chords

hi, the synth i use most in BM3 is DRC. i always wondered, why i can play the keys to record, but the chord section does not record. any ideas what i could change to solve this?


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    Are you saying that you can play the keyboard in the DRC synth and record the output to a pattern? That doesn't seem possible to me. As far as I can tell DRC doesn't output any MIDI from i's internal keyboard.

    Or, are you saying that you can play and record DRC with BM3's own keyboard, but when you try to use the chords in DRC nothing is recorded. If that's the case, then the answer is that DRC doesn't output MIDI, so there's nothing for BM3 to record. In this case, the only thing you can do is contact the DRC developer, Imaginando LK.

    If you're actually getting MIDI output from the keyboard in DRC, then I'm overlooking something.

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    Wait - are you using DRC inside BM3, or in standalone? I see MIDI output from the standalone synth. But from the standalone both the keyboard and chords work fine. So, I'm guessing you're not using standalone and that you're referring to BM3's keyboard when you say that you can record.

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