Filter to generate acapella's to use with Beatmaker. LALAL.AI

Anyone checked out LALAL.AI yet? Is an amazing resource and can work really well with Beatmaker as you can create very clear acapellas from any song at all - at first i was dubious and thought it would be an EQ setting that was awful but the results are pretty solid - all you simply do is select the song from your device and upload and choose the type of separation. you can choose to separate piano, synths etc which I haven't used yet but the vocal and instrumental option is the one that is good for the acapella.

you can also choose the intensity / level of separation, again I haven't experimented as the midway 'normal' setting delivers a good result.

I find that tracks with the least going on in the back ground work the best, but vocals over 3 or 4 instruments come out for me perfect as acapellas. once processed it emails you a link to the separate files to enjoy and work with. The vocal remover is serious fun and gamechanger for mashups

it's damn cheap to use (and also free in ways too!!!!)
visit and enjoy it


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    There's an iOS app called Let's Unmix that probably uses the same open-source algorithm, if you're interested in an on-device solution. If anyone does try it, it would be interesting to know how it compares to the online one mentioned above.

    Koala Sampler also has this feature built-in, though it's mainly geared toward shorter passages and samples.

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