Where can I find quality photos of frogs?

I'm illustrating a children's book about a group of rainforest frogs, and let me tell you, finding good frog photos for reference is proving tricky! There are plenty out there, but most are just close-up portraits. I need full-body shots of frogs in different poses – swimming, climbing, maybe even leaping! Any suggestions on websites with a good variety of frog stock photos?


  • Hi, finding dynamic frog poses for your book is an exciting challenge! You're right, most stock photos tend to focus on close-ups. But have no fear, Depositphotos will definitely help you with that! This is a great all-around stock photo site, and they have a surprisingly good selection of frog photos with a variety of poses. You'll find close-ups of course, but also shots of frogs swimming, climbing on leaves, and even leaping mid-air! They also have a good range of frog species, from the colorful Poison Dart Frog to the classic green Bullfrog.

  • This is cool! I never realized how many different types of frogs there are. Your book sounds adorable – can't wait to see the different froggy characters you come up with!

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