exporting from beatmaker to DAW / Cubase

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I have a quick question...

I create a beat in beatmaker using the studio 13 yard kit...

I see that i'm able to create a midi to export to my PC

but how do i export the .wav files...

i know i can export my whole arrangement by using the start/end locator markers

There have to be a better way outside of "real-time'n it" by recording or exporting one trigger at a time

Because it would be easier for me to take this idea and then export it cubase and then add the keys/guitar/bass and etc

let me know if i'm missing something


  • I think you need BeatPack or something. The instructions are on the home screen of BeatMaker. I just realtime them though.
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    I have beatpack but its doesn't seem to allow me to export the samples of the kit... I can export the midi, the .wav arrangement based on the start/end locator markers and bm/bms/bmk files... The "bm" family seem to only serve as exporting for backup purposes.

    This could be a inconvenience due to the fact if I want to add external instruments to the concept... it is a heck of lot easier to work in a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) than beatmaker.

    Currently my options are:
      Real time recording the sample played & arrange it accordingly in the DAW (Cubase,Sonar,Reaper and etc) [/list:u]
      Play the piano on tempo only to export it back in beatmaker so I can fit it in the mix [/list:u]
  • Ohhh, ok yeah I see what you're saying... I don't know that there's any other way than to just throw a pattern up with all 16 triggers, one by one, then just export that arrangement :S which is what you were saying. kind of a pain in the butt.
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    Export each sound separately. Solo 1 sound at a time and then export to wave. Hope this helps.
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