piano chimp

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a retro rap beat with some stringed instruments thrown in for good measure. and I was able to bring in two different sound samples saying virtually the same thing from very different sources. I like using audio clips from movies to help establish my song's theme. this is the a pretty final draft I think. I would love some input on it.... http://soundcloud.com/nweyesk8/piano-chimp


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    Lovin the Jay and Silent Bob loops. Love that movie hahaha.

    Anyways, about the song: It was good. It had a nice beat, and it took me a while to wrap my head around the interesting keyboard part, but if I have to be nit-picky, just like your other track "420 Chillin" It was a bit repetative. Like I said, solid beat, but add something in the mix. Experiment with some different sounds and you can have something potentially awesome. Where the track stands, I like it. Could use some more loops or some Keys, or cut the song down a little bit more, but all in all, give it a bit more work and its a pretty sweet jam.
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    I know, it needs something to mix it up and I am trying to avoid the horn accents I keep hearing in my head. I just need to be careful, I don't want to mimic the original track that the drum beat was borrowed from. I just need to play around and figure out what to do to accent and add to this song. It would help greatly if I could figure out how to import/export sounds with the Noise.io pro app, but it is very confusing. thanks for the input again. I have Ideas, but haven't found the right beat kits containing the sounds I am looking for.
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    Well with the Noise.io, its really kind of retarded actually. Anything I record always seems to be terribly looped, and never comes right when ported to beatmaker. It just seems that there is always some kind of bar issue, like it will loop a milisecond too late, which is all it takes to make the recording sound dreadful.. Basically you record your effect on Noise.io, set the bar length and pattern, record, then when its done recording, go to "File Manager" Pick the track you want to export (and delete the ones you dont want if you made several attempts to record to avoid confusion) then play the track to make sure it sounds hot, then export(I would suggest remaning the file though, so as not to get lost). Close down Noise.io, open up beatmaker, go to the seleced kit you want, go to the pads, then go to "Samples" and load a sample from "Noise.io Samples". It will be in the file name that you put it as in Noise.io. The default name will be a bunch of numbers followed by the name of the effect on Noise.io if you didnt rename it. Now that you have the sample in your kit, you can add it like you would to any part of the Sequencer. Hope that kind of helped out!
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