Booch138 - The Figure 7 (Trip-Hop/Industrial)

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Hey guys,

Here is another track of mine. This one is vastly different, and in my opinion more polished, than my last track. This is more of a slower "Trip-Hop" kind of song with some slight industrial roots. I suck at genre naming, so bear with me. Comments and constructional criticism are always absolutly welcomed and encouraged.

Once I get more tracks out for a full album, I plan on editing and reworking things that need to be, and this song is no exception. There are already flaws with it, but its still a decent track.


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    Do you run your tracks through any kind of Compressor program? I like the track, but I had to listen to it with my volume lower so the bass didn't vibrate out the higher frequencies. I admit, I don't have the greatest speakers, but I found when I had the same situation on some of my pieces, running them through a compressor, I have to kinda play with settings for each song, that I can listen to my track louder on the same speakers and I can hear the varying ranges much clearer.
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    When I master then and do the fine tuning, I put them through a compressor on M-Audio Sessions. This track was just done entirely on beatmaker, though I prolly could have set the EQ's a little better. When I lay down tracks and play through, I listen through my Bose Noise Cancelling helmet (practically, those thihngs are so huge) so EVERYTHING sounds good lol. But yeah when I get to mastering the tracks more I'll compress em'. Thanks for the feedback too, now that I see that this may be a problem for some, I'll try and take care of it tonight.
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