disco bass

this track started out with a more disco kinda sound and evolved into what it now is, i just didn't bother to evolve the name. I find it too busy at times, maybe. what do ya'll think?


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    Lol as odd as it was I loved it hahahha. My interests include s*** that is just absolutely off the wall abstract. Though that somehow fit in line with everything, that was pretty cool. Definitely diggin all the Reverbed and Delayed noises going on.

    It is what it is, I can't nitpick on this one. This one was just fun to listen to ^.^ Good job man.
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    thanks, as I listen to it more, I find myself really digging it too. I love the orchestral strings personally. did you check the horn and guitar I added to piano chimp
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    I remixed this track last night, lowering the level on the looped electric percussion sound. I think now it sits inside the over all sound much better now, it isn't blaring over the rest of the track as bad as it used to.
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