Booch138 - Drag Me Away (Techno/Electronica)

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Hey Guys,

I had this track up on my soundcloud for a day or so, but it was unfinished (something went missing in the conversion/exporting process)

Anyways, its all fixed up. Its my first real stab at a techno song, so lemme know what you think.

Imput and constructional criticism is always welcomed and encouraged!

- Booch138


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    I really dig this one. It has some nice sounds, and nice overall feel. Maybe the buildup could be quicker, but I know a lot of techno pieces have long buildups, so I suppose it's a matter of personal taste. Some of my songs have long buildups too, so who am I to criticize? <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D --> Good job.
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    I think I hear a bit of digital popping or distortion around the 1:30-1:45 area. Is it on purpose? I ask because I have had trouble on several occasions with digital popping and clipping of sounds. The track will sound totally fine in Beat Maker, but when I listen through it after exporting and uploading to my PC, it will have issues, sometimes minor, other times pretty bad. I found in those instances, I would have to re-export my track and re-upload it. Doing so until I get a clean undistorted WAV file to use for further editing. other wise I liked the track, A little short for my taste, I have spent a minor amount of time mixing records, having had two D.J.'s as roommates, and I like having enough time to mix records together, so longer tracks seem to work well for that purpose. I could see the way your build up for that song would be a great way to mix that track into an extended dance set, but the mix out would have to be fast and executed very precisely to keep from train wrecking the flow of the music. again I like the track anyway <!-- s8-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8-)" title="Cool" /><!-- s8-) -->
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    Thanks for the imput guys, I'm glad you like it. From 1:30 on there is a eerie almost ethereal (If you can imagine the term having sound lol) sound in there. If it's popping, I dont hear it, but thats probably what it is. I need to find a compression program that trys to get rid of the unwanted highs and lows in the songs. I trya nd make sure the track sounds ok when I get through all the conversion processes but I'm sure there is still unwanted noises. I definitely need to learn more about that and stuff, but I am tryin ^.^

    Anyways, if I had to complain about the song, it is definitely the fact that it is way to short. Like by a few minutes too short. When I get like 1 more track going, I am going to re work all of them, and get them to where they sound much better. My first one (midnight) especially needs a ton of work. Hopfully I can add more time to the songs, maybe some different changes and maybe replace a few synths and bass sounds. It'll be ton's of fun ^.^
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