track in progress (IDK)

here is a drum track I began tonight. It is only a drum track, but I used beeps and blips instead in place of any open or closed hats and liberal use of the clap sound from an 808 kit.


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    I spent a few hours working on this some more, let me know what you think of the current version..
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    This one was fun ^.^ I definitely like how well you implemented the beeps and blips with the beat. Sounded pretty good man!
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    thanks, I went back and changed and added a little, as of this post, still keeping to the initial concept of minimalism. I think I used a total of 6 pads for this. i put the remix in the same place, so the original link will keep working, even as I keep changing it. <!-- s:geek: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_geek.gif" alt=":geek:" title="Geek" /><!-- s:geek: -->
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