16 Pads Anyone?

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1st off...I love this app. It's amazing but one thing I looked for that doesn't seem to be there is the ability to go into a 16 pad mode like in the MPC. This allows you to take a sample loaded on one pad and apply it to all 16 allowing you to play the sample at different pitches. I'm sure there is way to simulate this but that's on of the basic MPC functions that allows creativity when dealing w/ samples. I really wish this was an option in beat maker. If I'm missing this function please let me know. I just got the app yesterday so maybe I'll come across it. If not please consider adding this as a functionality with the next version.


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    there's a way to manually get the same sample on each of the pads....press a pad choose sample in the left editor screen and choose load, BM will ask you where to load from (audio, noise i.o or whatever you have stored.) load the sample and repeat this process with the next pad. You may want to save the whole of pads as a BM kit.
    By going to the pitch editor you can lower or higher the sample. (also in the left editor screen) but remember that lowering or highthening a sample affects its speed.!! we'll get back to solving that.
    for now,
    good luck and have fun.
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    Easier way:

    Select sample function at bottom of screen there is a pad and the word select hit the pad and the corresponding ones on the sampler once the desired ammount of pads are selected hit load under sample options and select your sample. the sample will then be loaded on to all ofthe previously selected pads.-Ian.
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    well...there you go
    we should all do our homework...
    thanks!! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
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