RooBeN a.k.a R.B.N - Its Just A Dream (Rap & Hip-Hop/R&B)

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RooBeN a.k.a R.B.N - (Third Fully MADE Hip-Hop/R&B Beat With Beat Maker)
This my third beatmaker project That i completed, It has all the features so you can rap on it already with (Intro - 4 Bars) - (Verse 1 - 16 Bars) - (Sample1)(Chorus 8 Bars) - (Verse 2 - 16 Bars) - (Sample 2)(Chorus 18 Bars) - (Verse 3 - 16 Bars) - (End)

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I did by using a sample from The Pied Pipers, but ONLY for the Chorus, i made the rest of this beat/instrumental from scratch using BeatMaker 1.3.3 Feel free to ask any question and even comment on my work good or bad aslong as it helps me do my work better and thx for actually bothering to look at my work <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->


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    Not too bad, not too bad. The loops and musical aspect of it was a nice change of pace, and definitely not something you hear everyday.

    I guess in terms of own personal choice and preference, the beat seemed a little weak for the track, particularly the snare hit. That is all personal choice and I am sure you like it just fine, but if I had to be picky its the beat that sounds weird to me. Perhaps its just the sounds. Not sure, but anyways yeah nice work man. Defintely well thought up. Keep it up brotha.
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