Some questions before I buy...

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1. One of the key things I look out for in a music making software is piano roll. I don't seem to see any images of piano roll so will there be one in future updates?

2. In the sequencer window where you edit the music, do they behave like tracks in a normal DAW and if yes can I rename each track like one for piano the other for drums?

3. When I'm making a song in the sequencer window, can you keep adding notes so that it extends horizontally? I need something that allows me to make my full track just like a real DAW not like some apps I downloaded like isyn where the piano roll only allows me to edit 1 bars of music and can't extend anymore horizontally.

4. The final output of the file is it wave, mp3 & midi? How do you export them out onto my mac because I like to use what I made in Beatmaker and continue on in my DAW

5. Lets say I like a motif that I've created can I copy and paste it somewhere else too on the sequencer window??



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    1. perhaps
    2. I'm not sure, I am not familiar with DAW
    3. yes
    5. yes
    but all this depends on what one is used to, anyhow BM would still be amazing if it came out in 2025 is my opinion!
    I recommend this app to any musician even if they´ve never used a sequencer....other apps. do not come even close to what BM is capable of.
    You can also (there's your pianoroll) export recordings from the noise i.o synth!!
    have a go and good luck!
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    and 4. the format is wav. and aiif. With beatpack (free download on this site) you can transfer the files/projects and or kits to your computer.
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