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First let me say that I really like this app, it's plain awesome. What I'm missing though is a piano keyboard e.g. to play piano/organ/clavinova samples. I would love to be able to play samples pitched to the tone of a specific key. Preferably you have different piano samples for different scales because a low piano tone is a lot different from a high. But I could definitely live with one sample for the full scale, for sketching purposes this is quite all right.

I like how they created the piano in the app 'Band' but 'Band' a poor app compared to this one. I can imagine that besides the keyboard you have a scale up and down key to switch during recording.

Hope this can be realized, regards, Jan


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    both band and pianist are made by the same person, yet for some reason he did a much better keyboard for the piano-only one.

    but I agree, a keyboard would be awesome. you should be able to have keyboard as part of your kit, then you can switch between keyboard kits and pad kits separately. well, a kid can dream, cant he?
  • Yes please, some way of doing melodies is all I need now.
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    Yes, I agree with these other fellows a key board would make a excellent addition I have a strong feeling it's in the works somewhere at Intua
    it would certainly boost the power and capabilities of this program.
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    I guess saving the parts of a song to .wav making them a kit add your bass patern in a loop or melody part then pitch to different pads. If you put the whole pattern on one pad you could then use the other 15 pads to do notes.

    A piano would be nice but you can actually play more "keys" in the pad configuration as the in the programs I have seen don't have that many keys across. Since I usally record the melody notes as a group I have a lot less than 15 key changes in a song.

    Beatmaker you are wonderful. I am getting more happening stuff going as I go through the learning curve. But the way things are set up all make sence and there is not a lot of lag on anything.
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