Question about BM functionality with the Star Series

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So when I found Beatmaker, my thought was "Woah! Cool! I can write my own melodies and beats and mix them together while possibly sampling someone else's music or atmospheric sounds to enhance my creation? And all in one app on my ipod? It's got high reviews too! SOLD!" But when I found out that all I could do was work with pre-made sets of samples or have to sit down and go through the trouble of recording and assembling my own pre-made set on something other than my ipod, I damn near punched a hole in my wall. Nothing kills my creativity or gets me in a worse mood like having to go through all kinds of unnecessary red tape when all I want to do is sit down and have some fun.

To be honest, what I wanted when I got this was a program that had the functionality of a hand-held electronic keyboard/drum machine with various voicings and a station that allows you to play/tweek the sound of the individual notes/chords and place them on a time-line with the functionality of importing samples that you could also tweek and place on a timeline.

Now, I've come to find that all I can do with this that I expected was the whole samples part.

After reading around these forums I've checked out Star Piano, Star Guitar, Star Melody, and and I'm beginning to think that those apps, along with Beatmaker, could comprise (almost) exactly what I was looking for: an all-in-one, no-external-recording-required, hand-held, make-it-from-scratch and samples music creation station.

For those who are familiar with those other apps, have I found what I'm looking for?


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    What you ask for is actually possible to a certain extend.....I recommend you download the manual and go through it intensively..
    it is possible in the pitch editor to create individual notes and change the pitch...anyway in my opinion it remains a great app..try to combine it with the noise i.o synth!!(app store)
    good luck.
    kind regards,
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