beatmaker file invalid

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this is the third time it's happened to tracks I've basically fully completed and it's getting very depressing, I tried to save and it crashes and then when I try to reopen the file it says it is invalid. hope there something I can do to save hours of work.


  • Hi matthew,

    Can you send us your project files on support[at]
    We'd be glad to help!

  • just for clarification would I transfer the file to my computer then it can be sent from there. I've never needed to use that option so it would be new to me and would I have to re download beatpack, or... ? A step by step would help just to make sure i dont mess anything up lol. thanks.
  • Just open the 'sharing panel' from the studio view, then 'file transfer' and follow the instructions.
    You will need a WIFI network and a FTP client on your computer (beatpack is not required for this).

    Grab the file of interest (*.bm2) and send it to support[at]

  • hey back with another noob question. i dl'd filezilla, entered the port and number and it asked for administration password I tried my password and intua as the password and it could not connect, maybe I'm not getting something, I'm sure it's very simple but what's the easiest way to transfer this file. thanks alot
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    I just lost another practically complete track to this crash again ahhh I sure hope you guys can figure it out, when I figure out how to send the file. this stings. thanks for your time
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    hey figured it out, used cyberduck. sent two of three lost songs. please get back to me ASAP if you can fix the problem cause I've been holdin off on backing up my phone lately to potentially try and restore my phone to save the song but hopefully won't have to come to that, thanks.
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