Will an ipad icloud backup save/restore EVERYTHING?

New ipad arriving later today. Haven't ever backed up my current one. But years ago I did backup/restore from one ipad to another, expecting to see user presets and projects etc. But all that was restored were the apps.

Never used icloud but seems like maybe the easier option this time (would rather not install iTunes on laptop if poss...)

Will an icloud backup of my mini2>restore to new ipad give me all my current BM3 projects/samples + all my presets in Sunrizer etc?



  • After some Googling it's probably easier/faster to just install iTunes and pull animoog/sunrizer/Beatmaker projects/patches out and over to new ipad and start fresh without backup/restore..

    Hopefully the new file directory thing in ios 11 will make all this stuff as easy as drag/drop on USB sticks/android etc...
  • When I bought a new iPad recently I did an iCloud backup and it restored everything to the new iPad - apps and all the patches etc I had created.

  • @mark thanks for info. Opted for iTunes in the end otherwise would have had to wait for 32gb upload/download transfer for cloud backup and 100gb samples Dropbox upload/download for import to BM3 ;)
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