IAA plugin sorting and organization [Partially Solved]

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For someone like me who has dozens of IAA apps, some of which have multiple outputs, finding the plugin I'm looking for Is really frustrating.

First, the sorting is odd. First are some of the apps that start with a capital letter, in alphabetical order. Next come the apps that start with a lower case letter (Example: boom808! Is after Xynthesizr). Finally come a few apps that are organized under headings of the app vendor?? Except, for instance, only one of Korg's apps are way down there. The rest are in one of the above two categories (Example Korg Oyssei is in the first bunch, all the Korg apps starting with "i" are in the next bunch, and then waaayyy down at the bottom under Korg is iM1!)

Second, the list is long when many of the apps show up 16 or more times. It would be very helpful if multiple occurrence apps were listed once, with a fly-out menu for the multiple outputs.

Probably not at the top of your list of concerns, but maybe a fairly easy thing to improve? There's already evidently some kind of nesting mechanism since some apps are grouped under their vendor. Maybe sorting out (pun intended) the ordering would lend itself to some grouping?

Thanks for listening


  • The 'sort order' of the Plug-Ins needs a 'workout'.

    1) Treat upper and lowercase names the same ie. 'natural sort order'.
    2) Add 'Output Folders'(Indicated by > right of the plug-in name) for IAA Multi-Output apps.
    3) Separate IAA-Insruments and IAA-Genrators.

    IAA-Generators need more 'attention' to work like manual midi-routing so it's good to have clear indication when we're dealing with an Instrument or a Generator.

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    I doubt most people even understand the difference between IAA-Generators and IAA-Instruments. And even if they do, the main thing is to be able to find the app you want quickly. I don't want to have to keep a mental database in my head of what is a generator and what is an instrument! I get it that Audio Units and IAA should be separated because they have totally different workings, and some apps are both IAA and AU.

    I can't say I like point 3) at all. At most, maybe they should be a different color or have some kind of indicator next to them. But I really hope they're not in separate groupings.

  • Colouring or Labelling like AUM does is good middle ground for IAAs

    IAA-Instrument = Can receive midi & clock/timing from the host directly via iaa and sends back audio.
    IAA-Generator = Only produces audio, midi needs to be routed to it manually.

    DRC is one exception of an IAA-Instrument that needs manual midi configuration.

    I prefer AUv3's all the way IAAs are a pain to work with...

  • Thanks for that explanation @samu, I never did fully understand the distinction. I just knew some apps work with no MIDI setup and some don't.
    AUv3 is definitely the way to go, but there's not enough of them yet, and the whole preset manager thing (whether it's the responsibility of the host or of the plugin) is annoying. But at least they save state. I hate that without Audiobus an IAA has to be set up every time unless hosted in Audiobus.

  • My main 'work-horses' for now are Cubasis, Gadget and BM3. Got almost every AUv3 worth having.
    IAA's I just use as sound-sources for creating samples and loops...

  • I agree, plugin selection needs significant improvement.

    When adding an IAA app to a pad, the menu list is extremely slow to populate and has some odd sorting. Some apps are sorted by their name and others by the developer. Look to AUM's method of dealing with this issue. Apps with multiple ports have a sub menu for easier navigation, list whether an app is a generator or an instrument. Include the option to sort lists by developer with a sub menu of their apps. Have an alphabet option like Audiobus to more easily jump to a specific app rather than having to tediously scroll down the list of apps.

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    Thanks for making the sorting of IAA plugins case-insensitive. That helps a lot. :)

    Sill needed:

    • Some apps are grouped by developer, and appear after the rest of the list. This is not only inconsistent with itself, but even within one developer's apps. For instance, all the Korg apps are listed by name in the top alphabetical list, but then Korg module is way down under the Korg group by its little lonesome.
    • Please group apps with multiple outputs under one entry with a fly out menu for the individual outs. It's a long list to scroll through when several have 8 or even 16 outs.


  • Hey @number37

    Those two improvements are planned, along with a third one, which is caching IAA icons for faster display.

  • @mathieugarcia said:
    Hey @number37

    Those two improvements are planned, along with a third one, which is caching IAA icons for faster display.

    Thanks! You guys are great. B)

  • Great work @mathieugarcia - looking forward to it :)

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