Using IAA as an insert fx

Anyone using Tonestack as a plugin fx on a bank? Struggling to get it setup as an insert where I can only hear the wet signal.. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks :)


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    Bumping after spending way too long trying to figure this out now :/

    Is it even possible to have IAA plugin as an insert fx on the same pad as a sample? I have a feeling I'm on the wrong path for what I'm looking to do..

    I thought about routing a pad bank track to an audio track and having Tonestack as a 100% wet effect on that audio track. But it seems like you can specify a bank/pad as an input on an audio track, but you can't specify an audio track as an output for a bank/pad (I only see main stereo/headphones out 1 + 2 as bank track output options..). So I'd end up with the wet signal coming from the audio track + the dry signal coming from the bank track. Which isn't what I'm trying to do.. I just need a standard 'plugin as insert effect' on a bank pad :/ This aspect of BM3 is way too confusing/frustrating/hit and miss for me right now. Wasted a full session on it today :(

    Til that side of things gets improved I'm just going to pretend the option of insert fx plugins doesn't exist..Too messy for me atm.
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