Option for - 'stop' = rwnd to vertical line marker position

Small one but driving me crazy having to shift the playback loop around constantly...


  • +1 to this! Stop once should go back to the vertical line marker, hit stop again quickly and it goes to beginning of track, or something like this.

  • Yeh this is the behavior option I use in Sonar X3. One click on 'stop' takes you to the playback cursor. Fast double click on 'stop' takes you to start of song (or start of loop points if 'loop' is selecred in the transport )

    BM3 sequencer is driving me nuts without this as an option!
  • edited August 2017
    The current BM3 playback cursor behavior of 'on 'stop' rwnd to zero' coupled with not being able to define the timeline playback start point whilst in pattern edit view is making BM3 pretty much unusable in terms of editing long midi passages that have some scattered notes that need fixing. Just had to abandon a session cos it would have taken me literally hours to do the super basic task of listening through a 2 minute pattern and nudging some scattered notes left/right that were played sloppy... Hopefully these fundamental midi editing workflow issues get ironed out in the next update..
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  • Very good suggestion.
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