Moved from FR (Bug) Option to select Bank & Pad for the keyboard when editing AUv3 & IAA

edited August 2017 in Bug reports


It would be really helpful to be able to set the destination bank & pad for the keyboard that pops up when editing IAA/AUv3 effects plug-ins.

Currently it’s next to impossible to live-tweak and preview the effects on other pads than ‘Pad 1’ in the currently selected bank.

The Pad FX do work but every time the keyboard is used to trigger a sound ‘Pad 1’ is selected & triggered.
It’s pretty annoying to be honest.

Other advantages of being able to select the destination bank & pad for the effects plug-in view keyboard would be to be able to preview the effects edits on AUX tracks since the keyboard would actually be feeding a pad that triggers and sends output to the AUX track.



  • Massive +1! I hit this yesterday after loading isem on pad 7 in an empty bank. During tweaks to fx and synth params it kept defaulting back to pad 1 and suddenly the keys would be playing silence. Got annoying pretty fast and I ended up copying the pad to pad 1. That wouldn't always be possible/quick tho if pads are already full.
  • Correct -- it always defaults to pad 1 right now. Unpractical.
    I will check out this bug a.s.a.p.


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