Locking pad settings while trying different samples.

It would be very useful feature if we are able to lock pad settings ( filter, running, volume ADSR etc.) while trying different samples. It is common to try to substitute one sample with another serving the same purpose so being able to keep the pad settings makes a lot of sense. Most computer drum samplers do this by default (Battery, Maschine etc.).


  • +1 option to lock parameters while switching out samples on a pad. Definitly needs this added at some point.
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  • Yes, it does not make sense that loading a new sample resets the controls and clears the pads FX. I would suggest replacing a sample keeps the settings by default and the existing "Clear Pad" button is changed to "Reset Pad".

  • +1

    I just want to be able to swap samples in real-time without losing all settings to the pad

  • +1 big time!

    I started out totally thrilled at the idea of setting up vintage drum kits with macro knobs emulating the behavior on the originals. Had a blast until I decided to replace a couple of samples. Not only are all the settings I worked so hard on reset, but all the macros are wiped out as well. This is a really serious limitation as currently designed.

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    What! .. we have to request this ... lol ... thought it was a known 'Bug'..

    My vote is in. "Keep Pad settings on import" button, great!



  • yes. YES!

  • Seems only logical.
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