Suggestion - drag-down to refresh folder contents

You may be working on a more comprehensive solution, but I noticed a reflexive action I have when looking for my newly uploaded samples in the import folder. It now takes some not clearly understood series of actions like returning to the performance view, waiting a bit, going to a different folder or something to refresh the list. I can also re-scan the database.

I use other apps, especially the mail client, that refresh lists when you pull-drag the list downward when it's at the top. (sorry, can't explain it better than that). I notice the first thing I do when I'm not thinking and something isn't showing up yet is to pull the list down. Maybe this could be a good quick way of refreshing a folder list.

No biggie - just a thought.


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    In the meantime, you can double tap the folder name to get it to refresh.

    Example; if you are in 'Imports' just double tap the word 'Imports' at the top, which will be highlighted white in colour, and bold.



  • Thought I tried that to no success. But I will try again. If that does work, then good enough for me.

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    Not seeing long sample names is an annoyance, particularly with rendered/recorded tracks. Please Intua, the sidebar is a great idea but we need like a master browser page or sth, especially for sample management.

  • So, fullscreen browser option ?

  • I can see a full screen browser being useful but maybe a 'long tap to see full file name' (like holding the mouse curser over a file to see it's full name works on desktop) would be a more simplistic solution.

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    "31, Full info on selected file or session in the browser. Right now depending on the length of the title, we can not see the info at the end of the file. So files with similar names can not be identified clearly/quickly. Selected file could have a separate readout.

    Vincent said: Like an inspector window"



  • The double-tap on the folder name does work to refresh, so pull-down really not needed, though it might be a tad more intuitive. This one could surely go to the bottom of the pile.

    The thread seems to have forked to a discussion of long file names, which maybe should have a topic of it's own (or does already?). If so then I'll edit the title.

  • @mathieugarcia maybe add a browser and database icon to the sidebar. Tapping either of those can give you the sidebar browser. Tapping on the three line menu icon can open the full screen browser and settings???

  • AudioShare shrinks the font for long names. That works, but can become hard to read. Why not just wrap it around to take more than one line? I guess you could also show the full name of the file in a popover or in a status bar at the top or bottom of the screen when you touch the file also.

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    Or, make the file browser width adjustable by dragging the edge.

  • @number37 the AudioShare shrinking font size absolutely does NOT work :s but they can be forgiven because it's such a versatile app.
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