Step sequencer

Just a feature request about using the pads as a step sequencer like Ableton Push. With the 8 pages on the 64 pad screen it would be so perfect...

Thanks in advance =)


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    This would be a huge addition! Combined with a controller it could also open up BM3 to full Elektron p-locks functionality too... Hold a step on controller and tweak a parameter to lock it to those settings for that step. Game over :) Probably some kind of non-controller workaround to be able to do it with only ipad too, just maybe not as fluidly. Like would have to select the step in pads view then switch screen views to adjust params, then go back to pads view to select another step and so on..

    Hard to convey how fast/fun/creative/precise this kind of functionality is but anyone who's used it (I think korg, ableton and now Roland also now have similar step sequencer p-lock function too?) will probably agree it could be a gamechanger for BM3. Which is already a gamechanger ;)
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    This would be incredible to have in BM3. It could even be a button you press to access it. A button beside 16 pad and 64 pad mode; labelled Step Sequencer.

    I wonder if it was brought up during beta testing?

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    Love the step sequencer in Push 2. Something similar in BM would be nice.

  • Heyez,
    I agree with you.
    Especially the p-lock function.

    Very nice on electron.

  • +1 on step sequencer controlled by pad

    But that means : BM3 need to send midi info to the pad controller to see what you are doing !!

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    Then I would really sell my maschine.

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