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Is there a chance in the next update to allow us to change the edit grid mode to a setting if our choice? I can change quantation and it stays but every time I create a new pattern I have to change the grid every time same as on the timeline.


  • You want a default grid size option in settings ?

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    Huge +1 drives me crazy how the grid view can feel so erratic when editing in piano roll and switching between patterns etc. Occasionally it's useful to have so many different view scales (one per pattern) in 'memory' but for the most part some kind of 'apply zoom/grid to all patterns' option in settings would be great :)
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    My big 3 suggestions for the pattern editor are the following:

    1. Make 'snap to a grid' a toggle switch (instead of current 'free mode') so that we can enable/disable the note snapping when using any of the available grid divisions (the current 'free mode' changes the grid in a way that makes it impossible to tell where the 8th and 16th note division lines are). It's the way they do it in Cubasis, with a magnet toggle, and I think it's better.

    2. Add a swing slider to the grid/snap selector panel, so that we can visualise various degrees of 1/8 and 1/16 swing on the grid. This could also influence the Quantise notes command, so that everything quantises to the 'pattern' swing (separate from 'project' swing)

    3. Add several proxy control handles off to the side or bottom (like in Nanostudio) so that you're not always trying to grab tiny notes, and add pitch/time (vertical/horizontal) lock toggles for your spare hand, so that transposing and repositioning notes is less clumsy. To this day, I've never seen touchscreen midi editing implemented better than in Nanostudio, however Cubasis is getting better with successive updates.

  • Whatever my quantise is it could set my grid size. Only seems normal. It's random what the grid size is when you make a pattern.
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