BM3 - chord memory

Hey guys I know you got preset chords which is dope but can you add a chord memory feature. This super great for all styles of music especially rave/jungle.



  • Chord Memory - a medical condition whereby musicians can remember how to voice a secondary dominant susb9 altered functionality inverted up and down a 3 octave range in drop 2 or quartal structures, but not that they have an important appointment today/whether they left the oven on/where they left their keys/to pick up milk/their wife's anniversary (etc.)
  • There is no 'Custom Chord Memory' available yet but a load of preset chords and scales :)
    (I do miss the Aeolian scale as I've grown fond of using Aeolian scale in the key of F in Gadget).

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  • Could this not be solved by having a 'record chord notes' toggle that records all the notes of the chord to the midi pattern (just like in Gadget)?

    I can appreciate why it's sometimes preferable to build the chord live in midi based on the root note played, as it currently does in BM3 - but I am frustrated by not having any means by which I can capture all the generated notes inside my midi patterns.

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