Internal midi loopback

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Is this kind of thing possible in BM3?

Earlier I tried having 2 instances of the same bank (bank A + bank B... Both the same samples etc), with the intention of performing instant pattern jumps in Bank A's pattern browser, while recording that midi in to a new bank B pattern. Couldn't get it to happen :/ I suck at midi stuff tho so maybe someone else can help out or confirm its a no-go? Thanks


  • Don't think so, think i feature requested it in one of the early threads, probably should move this to FR ?

  • Yeah, this would be good if added to FR. Moved :)
  • Maybe with iCA hardware? I'd need to experiment.
  • @oscarsouth What's ICA hardware?

    All I want to be able to use it for really atm is to find a way to make the ability to instant pattern jump become a useful thing. Currently you can instant pattern jump (in the pattern browser) but you can't record the audio, can't record automation of the jumps to timeline, can't record the midi to another midi track.. So it's kind of a useless (maybe even accidental?) feature.

    The ICA hardware thing sounds interesting/possible solution but if I was going to reach for other gear to use in conjunction to solve the problem I'd maybe just take the super basic route and record the audio in to a loop pedal or something - Midi stuff hurts my brain quite easily ;)
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