Is there midi export and import?

Is there midi export/import? I may be missing this. Not in manual...


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    Import yes (buggy) export not yet but its on the list.
    Just drag a MIDI file from the browser to the timeline in song mode ;)
  • What about midi export?

  • Read the answer again

  • I set up gadget on bank A with sixteen pads matching 16 channels. my question is how do I get each exported midi file to drop onto a pad or record it those channels from gadget?

    I get how to drop midi once in beatmaker 3 from Dropbox after exported. only that instead of laying that midi file on one pad it drops it onto 5 or 6 pads depending on my range of midi.

    It would be awesome if I could take the midi and just drop it on that pad designated.

  • midi import works like this
    Channels are imported per pad, single channel is one pad
    So if your MIDI has ch1-5 then it will be on pads 1-5 (current bug withstanding)
    If your MIDI is all on ch1, it will all import to pad 1(current bug withstanding)
  • @TJA ...thnx. I missed that.

  • So after playing with bm3 midi. I have figured out that I have to duplicate the pad to each pad I'm using in that bank. So all midi drops on pad 1 then duplicate all the way to pad 16 then go and move midi to right key and delete the extra patterns/notes that I'm not using from that pad. A lot of work. But it works.

  • That isnt right, can you send me the MIDI file you are trying to import ?

  • Not sure this has any bearing, but I thought that Auxy would be a good test case so I put together a simple project that had bass, beats and melody patterns. Exported midi and stems from Auxy to AudioShare.

    Stems and midi file import to BM3 wasn't a problem, but BM3 seems to think its a 0 byte file and won't do anything with it...

  • Yeah.
    1 There is a bug in the browser that is fixed in the next version, any file less than 1kb is shown as 0
    2 I suspect you are not loading the MIDI file in the right way (Not your fault, not been explained well enough)

    If you send the file i will check it.

  • Take a bm2 file with a couple pads filled in a drum bank and bring that midi into bm3. You will see it all drops onto one pad.

  • It's basically drums

  • @stormywaterz said:
    It's basically drums

    Even with drums in gadget it does the same.

  • I dont have BM2, all MIDI files import fine here, without seeing the MIDI file and testing, I cant do much else, sorry.

  • There's really nothing to test. You have multiple drums on a pad and bm3 can't support it unless you duplicate it to multiple pads. That's what I was saying by creating that work around. Beathawk can line drums in the keyboard in one pad for midi and bm3 can't. Maybe that will be available in an update
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    I have no idea what you mean, BM3 can load a MIDI file to one pad, just click keys or create an instrument and select that pad.
    This needs to be updated in the manual or something.

  • midi export! Good morning, this is a 21.centrury :)

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