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Ok, this is being adventurous .. but what's the harm in that!

What if you could assign MIDI effects per pad. Could access them like normal effects when 'showing pads' inside a bank in the mixer. Presently the 'FX' button just shows the banks effects regardless of which pad is selected and double clicking a pads channel has no effect.

Could be cool and very creative!



  • Sorry, dont mean to post all the time, but IOS11 allows MIDI from AU, so this may even be something we see from third parties too, AU MIDI effects would be great.
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    @5pinlink you're the best contributor here. Post more!! Very good and astute observation too. It's perfect!

    @Nick sounds very promising! [edit: sounded ;)]
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    @OscarSouth ha ha ha... had a doublethink... its true, but it sounded like too much like self promotion here- doh! Anyhow... transposition, midi echo, arpeggiation, chord generation, stochastics, physics mapping to ccs etc.. I think midi fx is a bit of an undiscovered country. So much potential. Xynthesizr isn't a bad point of reference in the world of iOS. Loads of potential in BM3! :)

  • @OscarSouth said:
    @5pinlink you're the best contributor here. Post more!! Very good and astute observation too. It's perfect!

    • 10!! 5pinlink for president :)
  • A simple midi-delay with transpose option would be nice as would an arpeggiator with custom trigger pattern.
    The arp used in all IceGear synths could serve as a prime example on 'how to do it'. It's space efficient and highly flexible. With the built-in chords the arpeggiator would be a real boon :)

  • welcome all arps, native and external!

  • +1 for the arp.
    IceGear synths have good arps? i'll have a look.

  • @canister IceGear synths have good everything.
  • @OscarSouth i hadn't heard of icegear but when i did a search i realised i read the names of their synths on the audiobus forum quite a lot. i've got animoog and isem. i'd like to get something else.. i've tried out the free trial version of DRC. seemed like pretty good synth. i like being able to try stuff before i buy. i know stuffs not expensive but it can mount up!

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    @canister I'd say pick up Lorentz (more classicly analog sounding) or Laplace (More 'acoustic' sounding) and have a play. Either of those will be a valuable addition to your toolkit and are some of the best and most versatile synths on offer on iOS.

    Mersenne sounds unbelievably wonderful too, although is kind of specific (bells) and Redshrike is probably the deepest and most interesting, but also the most advanced.
  • @OscarSouth thanks for the advice. i'll watch some youtube vids and see what's what. lorentz or redshrike are probably more of interest, although i do like acoustic stuff. i'll get round to sampling my acoustic guitar with bm3 at some point.

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    @canister I have animoog and isem too. Love animoog but still on the fence with isem.

    Isem seems to need other stuff in conjunction with it before it starts to feel 'alive'. The onboard drive sounds really terrible to my ears and overall the synth feels sterile. I was still pretty impressed with isem tho as an ios synth until I grabbed moog model 15 last week. That thing is as good as the best desktop softsynths....

    For sound id say so far it seems equal to/better than Diva/Serum/Omnisphere etc. Not the same as them, but in terms of nailing what it's trying to replicate, it does its job as well as those softsynths do theirs. The way the parameters react to each other is pretty mind blowing for ios. I have a few hardware analog synths and so far I'm basically enjoying the model 15 sound as much as those.... Totally recommended!

    Haven't tried the others that people are suggesting but will check em out.
  • Those two would also be my recommendation. Laplace is not an acoustic instrument at all by the way - it's a very rich, deep and varied synthesiser with a complex resonator section that gives its sounds a 'pseudo-acoustic' character.
  • yeah, the isem's drive is the pants! i find it pretty hard to get stuff out either to be honest. don't use animoog much because of attack on the envelopes getting stuck in the corner of the screen. aargh!
    i've just looked at model and read that it's 4 poly. never realised. 30 quid is a lot for me tho. i'm on the rock n roll at the moment and i've just bought modstep and bm3 few week before that too. i'd love a trial version to test. what analogue have you got? i've just been playing with a friends sub32. i think he should give it to me- he never plays it! lol

  • @canister yeah I was reluctant to drop £30 on an ios synth tbh. The thing that finally persuaded me was Cuckoo's video linked below. I always rated that dude's opinion with hardware so to hear him recommend Model 15 I figured it was the worth the risk.

    Was worth it. Sounds killer and the modular side's very cool/interesting to explore and learn.

    Expensive but I'd rather have fewer apps and those be as 'right' as poss than slowly spend money on a bunch of them that are 'pretty good' and still be searching for 'it'. Like i feel like my ios 'analog vibe' synth needs are totally covered for the foreseeable now. Only thing that would make me grab something else with a similar sound would be if it was AUv3. Tho hopefully moog will add that to model 15 soon... I was gassing for a Mother 32 before but this gets me close enough to that moog sound for my current needs. So I saved myself a few hundred quid (to be paid over 3 years finance..) in a way ;)

    I have Elektron Analog Keys, MFB Dominion 1, Ms20 mini, Volca Keys. None of them are Moog so I cant compare Model 15 to moog hardware, but it stands up pretty well to my hardware as a Moogish/different flavour and definitly stands up to those Desktop soft synths I mentioned. Living off what the dole pays can be super hard but I definitly recommend saving toward it instead of getting a quick fix on cheaper stuff. Unless there's cheaper stuff which suits your needs better/you prefer the sound of. Which is very possible! Just happened that I've been after a decent Moog sound outside of Desktop and by chance I grabbed the app and happy enough with it to now put any other Moog purchases on pause ;)
  • he's a funny guy! stumbled over one of his vids a while back where he cut up some beatbox stuff he'd sampled into a octa. sounded really good.
    if it stands up against a MFB Dominion 1 then it must be pretty lush sounding. i got animoog in a sale, so i'll keep my peepers out for modal. the only analogue i've owned was a volca bass. closest i've got to a ms20 filter :)
    i've resisted getting loads of stuff because it just gets too complicated to go back to previous tunes i've been working on.
    do you like the patch cable setup with modal? never got into that so much when i was dabbling with reason

  • heh. it's model not modal!

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    Yeh cuckoo's one of the good guys ;)

    It's hard to compare it to any hardware synth I have specifically (I don't have any moogs..), but so far it feels surprisingly close to the same kind of smiles/vintage vibe as tweaking params on the Dom1. Obvs a different sound but they could stand up together in a track without model 15 feeling embarrassed ;) Possibly digging the overall Mod15 character more than my AK. For warm/thick at least... The architecture/modules just react really, really well together. Everything sounds thick or fizzy.. And dusty/vibey... Haven't compared it face to face with other synths yet tho but when I do I'll record some a/b's and post em.

    Yeh I copped animoog for £1 I think :) Bummed I missed deals on the model 15 and didn't have patience to hold out...

    Yeh I know what you mean about jamming with a lot of gear. Sometimes it can just become a hassle/distraction/take forever to setup etc.. I only started collecting it like 10 years ago but tbh I was probably just as productive/happy with what I was making before I started buying more stuff :/ fun to experiment with a bunch of physical UI's together tho..

    Haven't used a volca bass yet, love volca keys tho. Will check it out at some point :)

    Love/hate atm with the model 15 patch cables. Some learning to do. But that's through choice really. Could just as easily go through the presets and tweak params to taste without doing any patching and be covered for most sounds you'd ever need ;)
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